Our unique solution provides your business with all documentation and training required by law, including the following:

HACCP Compliant Documentation

This is a set of highly simplified documents and record keeping based on “Safer food better business”.  However, our system is easier to maintain, saving valuable employee time and fully compliant.

Monthly Inspections for Food Safety and Hygiene

We inspect your business and inform you with photographic evidence of any food safety violations taking place before you are visited by the EHO.

Health and Safety Folder

We set up a Health & Safety folder which is written in plain English.  This folder is required by legislation and insurance companies.

Pest Control

A fully integrated pest control solution with zero tolerance towards pests.  We stand by this statement and take it very seriously as it is detrimental to your business.

Level II Hygiene Courses

We offer in-house training for Level II Hygiene Certification for all your staff, saving you time and money.

Fire Extinguisher Certiciates

We examin and service your fire extingushers so you remain compliant.

First Aid Training

If you employ more than five people, you are required to have one member of staff who is fully qualified to administer First Aid.  We will assist in the training of your selected staff member.


Zero Tolerance

Integrated pest control with zero tolerance to all pests

Hygiene Rating

We help you improve your Food Hygiene Rating to Level 5


Unique monitoring solution to ensure on-going compliance

Hygiene Level 2 Courses

In-house training for Level II Hygiene Certification


All documentation required by law expertly presented

Peace of Mind

All areas of Food Safety and Pest Control covered